Aerospace & Defense

With the adoption of S1000D as a mandatory standard in the Aerospace and Defence sector, we have helped transform legacy content in paper and electronic formats (PDF, ATF, Word) to S1000D XML.

KhemeiaTM has created multiple outputs for each content type. For example, from an aircraft maintenance manual it created Procedure, Description and Illustrated Parts Catalogues outputs and then these outputs were automatically fed into Content Management solutions.


Khemeia’s innovation has played a crucial role in the development of global players in the legal publishing sector. It has transformed case law, legislation, statutory and regulatory content in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian to XML, HTML and RDF (Rich Data Format) outputs. These structured outputs were then fed into Content Mining, Categorization and Content Publishing solutions.


KhemeiaTM creates XML outputs from financial data (company accounts in PDF & OCR), and then the XML outputs links the values to a year, currency, period and description and are injected into Business Intelligence tools, which enables the analysis of content which was unavailable.


XBRL & iXBRL compliance for filing of company annual and quarterly reports are being widely adopted by the tax authorities. KhemeiaTM transforms company reports from PDF to XBRL/iXBRL-ready XML. This is fed into compliance solutions to create compliance-ready XBRL/iXBRL.

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