Technology Partners

Stelae Technologies works with Technology Partners, where transformed content from KhemeiaTM is used by partner software in a variety of applications.

In a joint implementation at a defence site in India, KhemeiaTM plays a crucial role in transforming maintenance manuals, parts catalogues and other technical documentation from paper/PDF to S1000D compliant output. This is injected into the PTC Arbortext suite of Content Management products (Arbortext CSDB, Publisher & Viewer) rendering the content interactive, reusable, and interoperable.

Boston headquartered Findability Sciences is a leading boutique Big Data and Cognitive solutions company with its flagship offering Findability Platform® using IBM Watson APIs through IBM Bluemix to create cognitive features. Khemeia™ is integrated into the Findability Platform® to acquire unstructured content.

Solution Partners

pdf2xbrl is a unique solution used for directly converting financial statements from PDF, Word and Excel format into iXBRL or XBRL – utilizing KhemeiaTM technology.

Automatic conversion of accounts into XBRL combined with an intuitive pdf2xbrl editing environment offers unparalleled levels of productivity.


Konnect Soft supply for professional information owners solutions to automate data collection & conversion, publishing systems for the management & delivery of content, and subscription control software.